Collection: AliMRose

Introducing Alimrose: Where Joyful Gifts Come to Life

At Muddy Boots, we're thrilled to showcase a delightful collection of products from the renowned brand Alimrose. As a family-owned Australian business with over 30 years of history, Alimrose has made its mark as a designer name in the children's gift market, and we're proud to offer their creations to you and your little ones.

Alimrose was born from the passion for design, an eye for detail, and a deep appreciation for beautiful fabrics. This brand is the epitome of sweetness, with the loveliest baby accessories, adorable dolls, and enchanting toys for children of all ages.

The story of Alimrose began in the early 1980s, when two mothers, Susan Shardlow among them, embarked on a mission to bring Australian-designed dolls and children's products into the world. Fueled by their desire to offer the best for their kids, they founded a company initially known as Native Bush Babies. Their creations were inspired by the charming characters from the beloved May Gibbs stories, and they quickly gained a following.

Over the years, the Alimrose range expanded to include a diverse array of products, from beautiful dolls and soft toys to rattles, bibs, quilts, and home decor items. In 1997, recognizing the need to encompass a broader range and style of children's gifts, the company changed its name to Alimrose, a fusion of favorite family names.

Alimrose takes pride in ethical manufacturing, a core value that has been with them from the beginning. They maintain long-term, loyal partnerships with ethical manufacturers, ensuring their products are produced with care and responsibility. Their main range of dolls and toys is crafted by a female-owned and operated ethical production facility in the Philippines, with whom they've worked for nearly four decades. This partnership has not only resulted in exceptional products but has also empowered over 100 women with fair wages and excellent working conditions.

When you choose Alimrose products from Muddy Boots, you're not just purchasing toys and gifts; you're supporting a legacy of care, quality, and ethical values. Explore the Alimrose collection on our website and bring joy to the children in your life with these thoughtfully designed, beautifully crafted items. Give. Inspire. Play.