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Collection: Beach & Sand Toys

Sun-Kissed Adventures: Muddy Boots Beach and Sand Toys Collection

Introducing the Muddy Boots Beach and Sand Toys Collection, a treasure trove of sunny adventures awaiting your little ones! Dive into a world of endless fun and creativity with a delightful assortment of beach and sand toys, featuring Coast Kids' innovative creations.

The Coast Kids Flexible Silicone Beach Bucket and Matching Spades are perfect companions for your beach escapades. Crafted from soft, pliable silicone, they're designed with your child's comfort in mind, fitting snugly into little hands. Whether building sandcastles or collecting seashells, these beach essentials make every beach trip a breeze.

Explore the shores with the Shelly Beach Moulds, delightful tools for sculpting sandy masterpieces. These pastel-hued wonders spark creativity and excitement in your little beachcombers. And when it's time to dry off, wrap them up in our Hooded Beach Towels, crafted in soothing pastel colors. These cozy, hooded towels keep them snug and warm, adding a touch of sweetness to every seaside adventure.

But that's not all! Our commitment to the environment shines through with The Kirra Kite, created from recycled plastic bottles. This eco-conscious kite soars high in the sky, providing hours of exhilarating outdoor play while promoting sustainability.

Make memories under the sun with Muddy Boots' Beach and Sand Toys Collection. Elevate your beach days with durable, environmentally-friendly products that your kids will adore.