Collection: Little Dutch

Discover the World of Little Dutch

Muddy Boots is thrilled to bring you the enchanting world of Little Dutch, a Dutch-born brand dedicated to making childhood even more magical. This brand, with its humble beginnings in an attic, has blossomed into a family business with a team of over 45 employees, all driven by a passion for creating unique and delightful products for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Rooted in Love and Creativity

Founded by Rinke van der Helm, Little Dutch was born out of a mother's quest for beautiful nursery accessories. Unable to find the perfect items, she took matters into her own hands and crafted her own lamps. The positive reactions from her surroundings inspired her to do more. Rinke's vision was clear: to convey love through beautiful, loving, and unique products, adding extra joy to families' lives. This vision remains at the heart of everything Little Dutch stands for.

Timeless Style and Quality Craftsmanship

The Little Dutch Collection is a testament to timeless style and unwavering quality. Every product, from toys and bed linen to essentials and decorations, is crafted with meticulous care and attention. Safety is paramount, as each piece undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it's safe for children to use.

Little Dutch believes in blending functionality with aesthetics. Their designs are not only beautiful but also practical, making them perfect for family life. They add a touch of joy, comfort, and ease to your daily routines, all while seamlessly complementing your interior decor.

A World of Imagination

The Little Dutch Collection features a wide range of products, each designed to spark the imagination and bring smiles to children's faces. From their creatively themed prints to the surprising details in every item, these products are treasures that enhance your child's world. Whether you're looking for toys, nursery decorations, or practical essentials, Little Dutch has you covered.

At Muddy Boots, we're proud to offer the enchanting world of Little Dutch, a brand that understands the needs and desires of both parents and children. Discover the joy, style, and safety that come with every Little Dutch product, and make everyday happiness even happier. Explore our selection today and bring a touch of Little Dutch magic into your home!