Collection: Fiona Walker

Crafting Ethical Handmade Home Decor with Heart

Discover the enchanting world of Fiona Walker, a brand that seamlessly blends creativity with ethical principles. Fiona Walker's journey began in the rural backdrop of Cheshire, and her path led her from a career as a London fashion designer to her calling as a creator of beautifully handcrafted home decorations.

In 1997, Fiona founded her own business as a UK wholesaler of toys and gifts, showcasing her knack for design. Her passion for aesthetics inspired her to start crafting products of her own, ones that aligned with her ethical values. This endeavor culminated in the birth of Fiona Walker England in 2014.

Fiona's philosophy centers on bringing uniquely handcrafted items into your home, employing traditional methods. All of her products adhere to fair trade guidelines, incorporating natural materials. The range encompasses quirky animal heads, hooks, bookends, and complementary home decor items that effortlessly infuse whimsy and style into any space.

Choosing Fiona Walker England means embracing ethical manufacturing standards. The brand's commitment to ethical sourcing is unwavering:

- Products are hand-crafted under fair trade guidelines.
- All felt products are crafted from 100% organic lamb's wool.
- The dyeing process uses recycled water to minimize environmental impact.
- An all-female workforce handles production, enabling women to work from home while supporting their families.

Fiona Walker's journey is a testament to the global collaboration that makes it possible to offer you decor that not only enhances your home but also uplifts communities and adheres to eco-conscious practices.

At Muddy Boots, explore Fiona Walker's exquisite collection, where creativity meets conscience, and every purchase makes a difference. Shop now and bring both charm and social responsibility to your home.