Collection: Mushie

Thoughtful Design for Calm Parenthood and a Sustainable Future

Meet Mushie, a brand that's rewriting the script on parenthood. Founded in 2018, Mushie's journey is fueled by a passion for beauty, safety, and functionality. Their mission is clear: to create essential products for little ones that bring a sense of calm to the chaos of parenthood.

Thoughtful design is at the core of Mushie's philosophy. They've put your family's well-being first, selecting nontoxic materials like food-grade silicone and organic cotton. What's more, they exclusively collaborate with fair trade suppliers, ensuring the creation of high-quality, ethical products.

But Mushie's commitment goes beyond the products themselves. They've crafted their items to last, with durability as a leading feature. This means you can use Mushie products with your children and then pass them down to others, prolonging their life cycle and minimizing environmental impact. Mushie stands as a beacon of resistance against the culture of single-use and disposable goods, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

At Muddy Boots, you'll find a carefully curated collection of Mushie products that embrace this ethos. From feeding essentials to soothing toys, Mushie's items are not only designed with love and care but also with a profound commitment to a more sustainable world. Shop now and experience parenthood with a touch of tranquility and a vision for a brighter future.