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BIBS: 40 Years of Danish Excellence in Baby Essentials

Introducing BIBS, the premium Danish baby brand with a rich legacy dating back to 1978. BIBS has become an iconic name in the world of baby products, and their renowned round Colour pacifier, first crafted over four decades ago, has stood the test of time.

Over the years, BIBS has continuously refined their original pacifier and expanded their product line to encompass all nipple types available in the market. While their pacifiers remain beloved, they've rapidly broadened their horizons, now offering a comprehensive range of baby essentials for both you and your child.

From the very beginning, BIBS has been committed to creating high-quality products using the finest materials, all wrapped in aesthetically pleasing designs. Functionality, safety, and environmental responsibility are at the core of their philosophy, ensuring that your little ones embark on a vibrant journey into life.

BIBS has transcended boundaries, reaching over 100 markets worldwide and featuring in more than 12,000 points of sale. Their products have earned the trust and affection of customers across the globe. BIBS' story is one of unwavering passion and dedication, leading them to become the international brand they are today.

But BIBS' commitment extends beyond product excellence. Their focus on environmental, social, and governance responsibilities spans their entire supply chain. From sustainable design and raw materials to reducing CO2 emissions in production and using recycled materials in packaging, BIBS is dedicated to a holistic approach to sustainability.

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