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Rattles & Squeakers

Your one-stop destination for the most enchanting collection of baby rattles and squeakers. In this delightful assortment, we proudly feature an array of options designed to captivate and engage your little ones.

AliMRose Baby Squeakers

We are excited to introduce you to the charming world of AliMRose, a beloved Australian brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Our selection includes an enchanting range of baby squeakers, from whimsical unicorns to dapper rabbits in bow ties. These baby squeakers are not just adorable; they're also safe toys that are ideal for infants to explore their grasp reflex right from birth. As your little one grows, usually around 4-5 months, they'll be absolutely delighted by the sweet squeaking sound these toys make. Plus, they'll soon learn to squeak independently, often mimicking you, which makes for an endearing learning experience. These squeakers are more than just toys; they're fantastic distractions and an absolute must-have in your baby bag.

Miffy x Little Dutch Rattles

But the joy doesn't stop there. We're thrilled to offer the Miffy x Little Dutch collaboration rattles. These ring-shaped rattles are adorned with the Vintage Little Flowers of Little Dutch and are designed for easy grasping by those tiny hands. With three small labels to explore and the friendly presence of Miffy on top, these rattles promise hours of playful interaction.

Sophie's Home Knitted Rattles

And for those who appreciate the charm of knitted designs, our collection wouldn't be complete without the whimsical animal-themed rattles from London's own Sophie's Home. These knitted rattles combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style.

Whether you're searching for the perfect rattle toy, a wooden rattle, a newborn rattle, a Little Dutch rattle, or a crochet rattle, Muddy Boots has you covered. Our selection offers not only a delightful variety but also the utmost quality and safety for your precious little ones. Discover these delightful rattles and squeakers that will keep your baby entertained and engaged at Muddy Boots.